Metalprofil metal processing workshop from Ada dates back to 1980. This company is part of the group of family-owned companies Metalprofil and Agrojet, and the foundation of these companies is the Agroprofil metal processing workshop.

Metalprofil with decades of experience is engaged in providing services machining on conventional machines as well as CNC machining, gearing and welding. The parts we produce have a wide application in industrial ones plants, as well as in agricultural machinery.


With the welding service we provide customers with a complete service. The manufactured parts are characterized by quality and precision. We can produce products on REL, MIG-MAG, TIG, PUNKT welding machines.

To our partners we can provide hard welding on stainless steel, steel, casting, etc.
Our company takes over the design and manufacture starting from simple machine parts all the way to parts of complex structures and design.


Since 1996, our company has been engaged in the production of gears. We produce gears, tooth chains, worm gears, inner ribbed shafts and many other parts. We also accept the making of individual pieces based on a pattern.

Metal sheet processing

Our company provides CNC sheet metal processing services, and each workpiece (from simple to more complex) goes through various types of control before starting production. We can produce series from 1 to 1000 pcs, not bigger.

In our machine park we are engaged in sheet metal bending, by cutting sheet metal with scissors, by cutting sheet metal with flame and plasma.

Metal processing

  • Cutting
  • Lathening
  • Milling
  • Drilling
  • Gearing
  • Welding
  • Grinding
  • Nutting
  • Pressing

CNC machines

In our production park we have more then 40 machines, but we would like to present our two newest:


Usredsređeni smo na jedinstvene komade kao i na male serije. Obrađujemo sve vrste repromaterijala i plastike. Održavanje konstatnog kvaliteta potpomaže SolidWorks. Akcenat je stavljen na raznolikost zahteva i potreba

HAAS VF4 X1270mmY508mmZ635mm
MAHO 600 E X600mmY400mmZ300mm
WMW HECKERT X1120mmY345mmZ400mm




HAAS ST30 max.Ø533mm x 660mm
Mazak QT 20N max.Ø510mm x 1037mm
Mazak QT 15N max.Ø170mm x 500mm


METALPROFIL preduzetnička radnja

Ada,Senćanski put 75
24430 Ada
tel: 024 851 695

email :

PIB 100985624
MB 50076890

Kubina Attila

mob.: +381 63-516-717

Aleksandra Bajšanski

business coordinator
mob.: +381 69 516 71 70

Irmenji Maria

mob.: +381 66 651 67 18

Arnold Pataki

purchasing and sales manager

mob.: +381 69 516 71 73

Farkaš Sabolč

production manager